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Benji Connor

About the Movement

What brought on the Movement?

A little over 10 years ago I was involved in a serious motor bike accident almost leaving me as an amputee. I suffered multiple abrasions and lacerations to my knee, fractured bones and torn ligaments. At the time of the accident I had already been working in the fitness industry for 4 years. At the time I had a clear vision in how I wanted to coach and educate my clients and the people around me.


After I sustained the injury I had a very tough time adjusting, I had lost 20kg in body weight, I had to learn how to walk again and pretty much lost almost any strength I had developed in my years of training. This left me depressed and with no vision or motivation.


One day something clicked and I said to myself I’m not going to let this determine my future and health. So I started my journey on the rehabilitation path that would change my vision and perspective on training all together. I had to learn how to move differently, I was so intrigue by learning new movements, training methods, improving performance and managing pain

Going through the rehabilitation process I had to learn new ways to condition my body to be able to complete movements such as the squat which before were very easy for me to do. This started a new way of thinking for how I can manipulate movement patterns and training methods to improve the performance and quality of movement to myself and others.

I also found myself practicing Olympic lifting and gymnastics, this was great as it taught me to be patient and to really understand the strength application process and specifics of each individual movement. Today myself and everyone working in my company brings together the years of pain and experience of trial and error to educate and teach what we believe to be the best way to make you move and feel the best you can.

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