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Grant Burton

CEO of PPS Physiotherapy Kellyville Pty Ltd

Benji is one of the most switched on trainers/health experts I have come across in the last 15 years.  His level of knowledge and understanding when it comes to strength and conditioning, nutrition, training principals, injury prevention/management, is unmatched to many in the health industry. If you're looking for someone who is switched on and has an exceptional understanding of all things health and fitness, then Benji is a must to get in contact with.


Having been a physiotherapist for 15 years, it keeps me at ease to be able to have someone like Benji to refer onto when it comes to progressing my rehab clients to more of an ‘advanced overload based program in the gym setting.

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Dan Ewing


Not to sound cheesy but being a professional actor my body is my instrument. Whether it's a lean physique for a fast paced action adventure film or something a bit more bulky to play a grieving father in a physiological thriller, training with Benji is a huge component of my character preparation.


True health and well being is not just throwing weights around a gym.

Benji has an extremely vast knowledge and takes such a holistic approach that it never ceases to amaze me how his input positively affects other aspects of my life.


Any age, any goal, you need to train with Coach Connor.


Jake Angleberger


I started training with Benji over 2 years ago in a bid to gain strength, lose body fat and rehab a troubling back injury I've had since playing football and honestly not training properly. Straight away you can see how much time and determination Benji has put in to be a great coach, his knowledge is flawless. Within a short period of time I dropped body fat and toned up, his training programs are fun and tailored to suit you and his tips on nutrition is excellent. My overall strength has improved out of sight and that troublesome back keeps getting stronger and stronger, and without Benji's knowledge and encouragement I would be nowhere near where I am today. I have learnt so much from Benji over the 2 years, he is willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions. He has become a good friend and I would recommend him to anybody. Thanks for everything mate.


Jenny Brown


First off Benji ROCKS, he makes every session fun and different. Don’t get me wrong, he’s TOUGH, but the sessions are never boring and I always go away thinking how much we got done in such a fast time.

So where do I begin? I was a boot camp junkie from 2007, however a back injury the end 2010 meant a dramatic lifestyle change as I spent over a year recovering with not a lot of exercise. I suffered from sciatica and migraines as well as the constant back pain. I gained a number of kilos and I lost a lot of body confidence. I was finding it hard to find my motivation and courage to get back into the gym, afraid to injure myself again.

I started training with Benji and my life turned around. Through some serious weight training I started to heal and gain a lot more strength through my back. I now no longer suffer from any of the side effects of my injury and LOVE lifting. I have gained a lot more body confidence and really think Benji’s support has been the catalyst.

Benji provides a complete program for training, along with nutritional support, supplement assistance and guide as well as BioSignature. I love to hate my monthly BioSig time, it really highlights the areas I need to work on, or what Ive been lazy with!
It also gives me renewed motivation each month to work harder. It’s great to see real results as well each month.


Through Benji and BioSignature I discovered I had a hypothyroid condition slowing my metabolism and my overall health. I would never of found this out otherwise, thinking I just didn’t work out enough or just had a sluggish metabolism. Together Benji and I have worked together on my training and nutrition and almost entirely reversed this condition!! It’s the best result and I haven’t felt this good in years.


Benji is a fountain of knowledge and can answer any question I have regarding nutrition, supplements or my training program. In fact I think he can answer almost anything I throw at him!


I would highly recommend Benji as a trainer to anyone, he keeps me motivated and serious about my body and my health. He’s really changed my perspective on weight training and nutrition.


We have achieved great results together and I look forward to achieving even more with him.


Sam Harvuey


I have been training consistently with Ben for 2 years (2 or 3 times a week, every week) and I am thoroughly impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and attitude. I have had many trainers over the years and Ben truly stands out as one of the best. He constantly strives to improve his knowledge and qualifications in the field of fitness and nutrition, which is of great benefit to all of his clients. He takes a proactive approach to training, and is always evolving and tailoring my workout to suit my goals and keep me motivated, and I am really happy with the results. Ben is also a really nice guy, and I always look forward to training with him – he’s a lot of fun. I would absolutely recommend Ben to anyone wanting a personal trainer, at any fitness level or age.


Nicholas Lawrence


I started working with Benji around a year ago. Originally I approached him to see if he could help me improve my back squat. I had seen him training other clients in the gym and noticed him focusing on form and technique with them which is what I wanted. Having been in a snow mobile accident a number of years ago, I have always been concerned about my back and not wanting to injure it again.

I had also seen another trainer in the gym doing what I would later find out were Olympic lifts and I remember thinking it would be really cool to be able to do that but there is no way I could get to that level let alone with a back injury.

During my initial consultation with Benji I expressed these concerns and that my main aim was to improve my technique, as I knew in order to progress I would have to understand why my technique was holding me back. Benji was really receptive to what I had to say and within no time we were working on exercises that would improve my back and my squat. Just over a year later my back feels better than it has since the accident and I am performing all of the Olympic lifts I never dreamed of being able to do.

There were definitely times when I would become frustrated at my progress and struggle with motivation. Stress and sleep became huge problems for me at times during training as well and would impact my capacity to train. Mentally I was up for the challenge but because of lack of sleep my body wasn't or my body felt fine but mentally I was stressed and checked out. Benji was extremely patient with me through these times and helped me figure out better ways of looking at it and more practical ways to improve the weaknesses that were stopping me from progressing. He showed me how to take a step back and take a moment before giving it another go and that it doesn't have to be perfect every time as long as you make an attempt, which has carried through and helped me improve on other areas of my life outside of training.

I couldn't recommend Benji more highly as a trainer. I have really enjoyed learning from him and have had so much fun whilst doing so. He has taught me more than just how to lift weights correctly and improve my mobility, he has taught me a healthier way of approaching problems and being able to allow myself to be able to fail so I can move forward. To me these lessons are invaluable and it is a true testament to who Benji is as a person and the way he approaches teaching others.


Kristy Yang


When I first started training with Benji I was suffering from foot, ankle, knee and hip pain that developed from a combination of over training and structural imbalances. At its worst point I was unable to even walk up the stairs, let alone do things like jumps, squats, lunges and other common movements required in the gym. Despite visiting numerous doctors none of them were able to help me and some of them even advised me to give up training altogether. But Benji was confident from the get-go that he could help improve my pain and restore normal function back into my knee. And after a few months of undergoing Benji’s personally tailored remedial programming, I am now not only 100% pain free but stronger than ever before. I also believe that Benji’s “never give up” attitude was vital to my recovery, especially when so many other professionals had given up on me before.

Benji also regularly provides me with personally tailored nutrition and supplementation plans, which have dramatically improved my body composition, stress levels and previously incurable insomnia. He is a highly knowledgeable, motivational, passionate and, most importantly, FUN trainer who genuinely cares for my goals and successes. Thanks to Benji I can now confidently say that I am the strongest, leanest and fittest I’ve ever been in my life. I look forward to continuing and further progressing my fitness journey with him and highly recommend Connor Conditioning for anybody seeking to improve their health and well being.hat makes it interesting.


Jamie Zhu


My Experience with Benji has been great. I have put on 8kg of muscle mass in only a few months with his mentoring and help, when I was struggling to put on any size on my own. My workouts with him and the programs he gives me are very enjoyable and rewarding he has a great motivational attitude towards training and lifestyle and is very friendly! In highly recommend him as a PT!


Steven Wibisono


I came to Benji in September 2015 after he came highly recommend by a mutual friend.  After having been with several trainers before, some good some bad, I was delighted to find after my initial session, I found that Benji’s knowledge of nutrition, human movement and training unsurpassed.
After a few weeks of training, I found my strength, general lifting movements and body shape started improving dramatically.  I have always been strong but found myself shedding body fat that I always had trouble getting rid of.
In April 2016, I decided to compete in my first bodybuilding competition – INBA Nationals (Physique) held on 28 May 2016.  Albeit a short prep time, Benji helped me achieve the body I had always dreamed off and rock hard abs which I never thought I had.
Benji’s outstanding ability to motivate, provide sound and constant training and nutritional advice helped me commit to achieving my goals and then some!
I would readily recommend Benji to anyone especially to my family and friends.  I mean hey, if you’re on to a good thing, why not share it around.


Paul Barnicoat


I have trained with Benji now for around 4 years, moving from 1,2 or 3 times a week depending on my commitment. Benji is very organized and professional, I run a busy diary in my life and we both appreciate the commitment each of us is making. I wont change trainers and even though I now live no where near where he trains, I still travel there to be able to keep a great trainer who has shown immense experience in his diverse range of skills. I am 51 years old and playing football regularly (injury permitting!), but also just had a 3rd child, so I need to keep functionally strong for many years to come! Benji understands rehabilitation from first hand experience, having recovered from a bad accident 5 years ago, and his thorough training and experience in the complete set of exercise, rest, nutrition, has proved invaluable to me in being given every chance to meet my goals. I am fitter now than most times in my life, and aim to improve not just maintain. I could get no more from Benji, but I need to put in the work! 2 years ago I never dreamt I’d be cooking my lunches for the week, yet once you see what you personally can achieve with the right combination of expertise and effort, its amazing! I now cook at night too for my wife, and yet 4 years ago had to google how to cook an egg! He trains a wider variety of clients – top contenders / champions, and me at the other end of the scale! I like his adaptability, meaning he can focus on what is likely to work for me, and now that we have been training for 4 years, he knows my needs well, and adapts every session based on my needs. Over the years he has provided nutrition and exercise plans for me to follow when I train alone sometimes, so it can supplement what we do together. I would recommend Benji to anyone – he truly cares about his clients and we also share a lot of laughs some sessions about many things!

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